Matthew James Top 10 Hair Tips

  1. Don’t rub wet hair. When towel drying your hair don’t rub it, this can cause damage! Pat and squeeze it with the towel instead.
  2. Have regular hair-cuts. The only way to get rid of spit ends is to cut them off. If not cut off, a split end will work its way up the hair shaft. This means instead of having just an inch cut off every 8 weeks you will need 4-5 inches cut off if you’re only having your hair cut a couple of times a year. Whether you have long or short hair, having a regular hair cut will maximise your hair’s strength and vitality.
  3. Use oil every day. Use a drop of oil from your mid-length to ends to keep the most vulnerable parts of your hair hydrated between washes.
  4. Use a hair mask once a week. Use a hair mask once a week to keep your hair hydrated. Leave it on for at least 10 minutes (or longer if you can) to maximise results.
  5. Never sleep on wet hair. Hair is at its most vulnerable when wet and sleeping on wet hair can lead to breakage.
  6. Always use heat protection products. Using heat tools on your hair without protection is like going out in the sun without sun cream. Your hair will burn!
  7. Use professional products on your hair. Shop bought products contain additives & fillers and can leave a waxy film on you hair and can damage from within. Use professional products which contain high quality ingredients.
  8. Always shampoo your hair twice. The first shampoo will remove any excess dirt, oil and products. The second shampoo will then cleanse the scalp.
  9. Beware fake tan. Fake tan can stain your hair. Always tie your hair back and use a hair band to ensure the tan doesn’t react with your hair.
  10. Always wash with lukewarm water. Hot water can scald your scalp and tepid water is just as good at getting rid of excess dirt and oil.

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