Precision cutting to
reflect your lifestyle

Our consultations are legendary and after actively listening to your needs, your stylist will engineer your cut to accentuate wave patterns, weight-lines and pivot points. Your new cut will be designed to shape your face beautifully and reflect your lifestyle perfectly.

Bespoke Colour

As individual as

Our specialist team of colour artists are some of the most highly-regarded in the industry. From Balayage to Root Stretch or Micro-lighting you’ll have access to the latest trends and techniques through our creative team. Your in-depth consultation will focus on your complexion, lifestyle and hair type to ensure we create a look that works for you. As fashions and seasons change we look to forthcoming trends to ensure we offer you advice and inspiration. If you are visiting us for the first time, please book in for an inital consultation so that we discuss everything with you and conduct a patch test.


Expert techniques creating
on-trend looks

Everyone’s favourite part of the salon visit! At Matthew James we pride ourselves on providing our clients with on-trend styling. Our team are all trained and ready to provide you with a bouncy blow out, beach waves, natural curl diffused or a sleek straight look.


Nourishing treatments to
rejuvenate your tresses

To keep your hair in tip-top condition we offer a range of treatments for all hair types. Our treatments can be used in conjunction with a cut or colour to keep your hair healthy and strong.